12th January 2010 - Craig Hughes

Craig HughesCraig Hughes kicks ass. Check him out at Craig Hughes.net

31st Oct - The Tragically Hip

tragically hip band picThis December one of the best bands you will ever hear are coming to Glasgow. The Tragically Hip are a band from Ontario in Canada with over nine albums under their belt. They are a rare band in that their albums keep getting better.

Their latest 'We are all the same' is a great starting point for anyone trying to get into them. If you like crafted songs, intelligent lyrics and great riffs then you should take a listen. I've put together a list of some of their best work on their page.

They are playing in the Garage in Glasgow on the 3rd December


It's a good life if you don't weaken - The Tragically Hip

24th May - Epic 26

epic 26Epic 26 are five from Edinburgh intent on making music that makes a good time. It easy to say you don't like a band but It's bloody hard to say you don't like having a good time. Epic 26's music is a great mix of musical styles. Some electronic sounds and beats built into a band sound. It's all centred around really strong songs though so it's not gimmicky in any way. I've added one of their songs to the player so have a listen.

Take the song shotgun shooter. It has everything thrown at, spiky riffs, ambient background noise, and really catchy vocals. The thing is, it works. On paper, I wouldn't expect it to (just noticed what sounds like a trumpet in the background too). It's that throw everything at the wall and see what sticks mentality that makes epic 26's music so interesting. Sorry it hurts. Reminds me of soulwax (the band, not the dj's) which is good thing. Music you can dance to that will get you from one weekend to the next.

They are giving away some free tracks at epic26.com and playing in Edinburgh on Saturday the 6th of June at the Electric Circus.

May 13th - Videos Section

Videos from the first new music scotland gig last week in Nice n Sleazys are now up on the videos page.
This is Ghosts of Progress with the song Anal Blues

April 6th - Music Player Added

mp3 player featured bandsI've added an mp3 player to the site which I'm going to keep adding to until its a monster mix. It features some cracking bands including Palace Ballet, Miss the Occupier and Manor Park Elite who are playing at the first NMS gig on the 9th of May.

You can find more info on all of them in the bands section.

MP3 Player Playlist

1. Novel - Palace Ballet

2. Some Girls - Palace Ballet

3. Whilst I Stared - Miss The Occupier

4. Short Sight - Miss The Occupier

5. We Are Skeletons - Manor Park Elite

March 17th - Miss The Occupier

miss the occupierMiss the occupier are a three piece from Glasgow. Guitar bass and drums with some excellent vocals. I stumbled upon them on myspace over the last couple of days and they’ve been stuck in my speakers ever since. First time I heard the song short sight the staccato verse did my head in. Second time I listened to it I realised it was fucking genious, some great screams in it. Nothings ever perfect is another great song. They've got a great knack for surprising choruses.

The band is Roz Davies on guitar and vocals, Magnus Hughson on vocals, guitar and Ione Campsie on drums. They’ve released a split seven inch in 2006 on Skribble Records and then the External Male EP in 2007.

Their first album Recovery Position is available on itunes, emusic and load of other digital music sites. The band sound like some of their influences like the pixies and sleater-kinney all mangled up into something even more tuneful. The singer Roz has a great voice and i’m looking forward to seeing them live. They’re playing next wednesday in the 13th note in Glasgow.
miss the occupier myspace

February 7th - First New Music Scotland Gig

nic n sleazys gig I’ve just confirmed the bands for the first new music Scotland gig. It’s going to be on Saturday the 9th of May in Nice n Sleazys in Glasgow. Im delighted to announce that the bands on the bill are Manor Park Elite, Ghosts of Progress and Your Scarecrow (my own band). So you’ve got three months to get into these bands. Should be long enough.

Manor Park Elite are a three piece from the Stornoway in the Isle of Lewis. They formed in spring 2007 and cite their influences as a mix between 70’s cult New York outfit Television and at the drive in.

Ghosts of Progress myspace says that they are a one man band plus one. Thats the best description of a band I think i’ve ever heard. Ive seen them once and they are the best band i’ve seen in years, signed or unsigned. Cant wait to see them again.

Your Scarecrow Three piece alternative rock band from The Isle of Lewis and Dumbarton. Influences include, pearl jam, tool and stone temple pilots. Now with added Derek Campbell.

15th Dec - Ghosts of Progress

ghosts of progress I was taken to a gig in Nice n Sleazys in Glasgow two weekends ago so I had no idea who was playing. It was to my utter delight when these guys came on. It was the second band of the night and I hadn’t enjoyed the first so I thought I was in for a long night. The first song they did didnt grab me, I could hardly see from the back but I spotted they were sans drummer. In fact the first song sounded like they had a dodgy drum machine.

After the dodgy start though, I was blown away song by song. By the end I was up at the front jumping around and making an arse of myself. It was then that I saw was afoot (yak yak). They did actually have a drummer but it was the singer using a couple of foot pedals hooked up to some drums. It suits there kind of bluesy rock perfectly. They’ve got some cracking riffs and the singer has a shit hot howl on him. Check out epitaph and Headcase on their myspace.

They’ve got plenty of gigs coming up, they’re next glasgow gig is in Pivo Pivo on the 22nd Feb. Theres some cracking live videos of them here http://www.myspace.com/ghostsofprog

13th Nov - All About The Dots

all about the dots If you’re in Glasgow tomorrow night (friday) go and check out All about the dots. They’re a punk pop four piece and this is their first gig in ages. They’re playing in the classic grand at 8 oclock. all about the dots site

16th Sept - Palace Ballet

palace ballet Theres a song called some girls by palace ballet which I think is as immediately catchy as it gets. But if that doesn’t do it for you give “novel” a listen. Once you hear the chorus you’ll want to hear it again. A bit like smack for the ears

This band are two Gordons a Fraser and a Stuart and are playing next on the 26th sept at the twisted wheel on Queen street in Glasgow. Theres no band that springs to mind to compare them to, which is always a good thing. I’ll just say they sound good and leave it at that

Heres their myspace which has a link to some downloads

9th Aug - Whats With The Gasmasks?

whats with the gas masks holy shit. I am floored. This band are terrific. Have a listen to “the fall” on their Myspace, what a song. Im going to have to make it to one of their gigs, in fact it looks like they were playing last night in Glasgow.

They are a three piece comprised of Charlie, Phil and Andrew and they’ve got an album/ ep thing coming out some time soon they say. The voice reminds me a bit of filter, and a bit of some guy called cobain when he really lets loose. Truly impressive.

8th Aug - The Dunderheids

Its been a while since I saw the dunderheids, last year actually but for some reason they popped into my head today. Its quite refreshing to go to a gig expecting nothing and having your socks blown off. The Dunderheids are (apart from their clearly shite name) just such a show.

They reminded me of 90’s rock stuff. Exactly what im into. So i wasnt surprised to see pearl Jam and Tool amongst their influences. They don’t sound too close to any of there influences though and i’ll definately go see them again. Heres one of their songs called “unsteady” which is available on itunes.

27th May - Glasgow Coma Score

A blend of atmospheric electronica and dirty guitars, this 5 piece from Glasgow formed in 2000 and have been fighting with geography to stay together since. The songs positive and scars and positive blew me away.

13th May - Ladytron Oran Mor

A blend of atmospheric electronica and dirty guitars, this 5 piece from Glasgow formed in 2000 and have been fighting with geography to stay together since. The songs positive and scars and positive blew me away.

22nd Apr - Manor Park Elite

manor park eliteA three piece from Stornoway, these guys’ sound remind me of someone but I cant quite put my finger on it. They don’t seem to have anything available to buy yet but there myspace has some very impressive tunes on it.

14th Apr - Tall Ships

These guys are two, one’s a computer and the others a guitar. Saw them play last December and they were feking good. They don’t have an album out yet but they say that might happen in the future. Tall Ships Myspace

10th Apr - Terra Diablo

Great band from Glasgow who’s latest album Deluge Songs is bloody good. This is a song called dissapearing act. Terra Diablo Myspace


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